FUGAPAVE Part A - Hybrid Cement

  • FUGAPAVE Part A - Hybrid Cement
£8.47 + Vat


FUGA-PAVE hybrid mortar cement mix has been specially formulated to be mixed with clean grit sand to provide a solution for laying all types of paving slabs to both hardcore and solid bases.

The combination of fibres and specially formulated additives give superior bond strength over traditional cement: sand mortar mixes (60% stronger), as well as improving the overall performance, workability and freeze/thaw resistance of the fully mixed mortar.


• Easy to mix - simply mix with sand and water, three 14L buckets of sand to one part hybrid cement. The hybrid cement has everything in it to achieve a solid mortar bed and bond.

• Good coverage - each 12.5kg bag ought to cover 2m2 at the minimum 25mm depth.

• Economic - almost 20% cheaper than traditional sand+cement+additives however FUGA-PAVE’s excellent qualities deliver greater performance.

• Easy to apply - it trowels very well with a smooth, creamy feel, easing the installation of the flags.

• No sagging or slumping - holds the flags well.

• Does not ooze - preventing issues of the mortar migrating onto the surface of the flag, making grout applications so much easier.

• Permeable - particularly important for installations of stone and cementitious products, allowing quicker curing and less chance of moisture migration.

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