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  • Ecco Gravel stabilisation grids
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  • Ecco Gravel stabilisation
  • Ecco Gravel stabilisation grids
  • Ecco Gravel Grid
  • Ecco Gravel stabilisation grids
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ECCOGravel is a specially designed gravel stabilisation system that is ideal for keeping outdoor paths and driveways looking smart.

The innovative fitted honeycomb structure will firmly hold your loose aggregates or gravel in place, ensuring that your path or driveway has a supported and even surface – making it more user-friendly for people and vehicles. Everything is kept neatly in place inside the hexagonal cells, avoiding the common problem of spread, lost or scattered gravel. These gravel grids produce a firm gravel surface which is not only low maintenance but also SUDS compliant.

With sheets in two different depths, you’ll find it easy to choose the right solution depending on your intended use. Speak with our expert team today to discuss how ECCOGravel could make a difference to your gravel project and for guidance on which aggregates and gravels are suitable for use.

What key features make ECCOGravel so ideal?


  1. Low maintenance
  2. Neutral sheet colour and lightweight flexible sheets which are easy to cut
  3. Geotextile underside inhibits weed growth
  4. Very fast and simple installation – saving significantly on installation costs
  5. SUDS friendly, allowing drainage – no additional drainage systems required
  6. 100% water-permeable surface; reduced flooding and groundwater is replenished
  7. 100% recyclable polyethylene and low energy consumption during production
  8. Easy to walk on and wheelchair, pushchair and bicycle-friendly
  9. Easy driving; no pits, ruts or puddles –ideal for driveways
  10. One of the cheaper driveway options from only £17.15 a square metre!


It is recommended not to use gravel types with a size of less than 4mm; finer gravels could stick to people’s shoes or get between the profiles on the tyres of a car. For optimum compaction in the honeycomb, we recommend limiting the maximum diameter of the gravel to 16mm. The sheets support the use of rounded pebbles and most decorative aggregates.


ECCOGravel30 or ECCOGravel40?

Choose the right product for your intended use. It’s vital to think about how your gravel area will be used – consider what loads, traffic and people can be expected to walk or travel over the area


ECCOGravel40 is ideal for driveways, low-speed access roads, car parks and emergency lanes. With a height of 40mm, ECCOGravel40 can handle
occasional heavy traffic however tight u-turns by trailers or similar vehicles should be avoided if possible. It makes a gravelled surface more suitable for pedestrians, pushchairs and bikes.


ECCOGravel30 is ideal for garden paths, terraces, bicycle paths, footpaths, sporting grounds and flat roofs. With a height of 30mm, ECCOGravel provides the ideal solution to a firm gravel surface. It makes gravelled surfaces more suitable for pedestrians, pushchairs and bikes.

Sheet sizes are 1.6m x 1.2m, sheets can be folded in half for easy transportation.


Technical info


Sold As Height Gravel per m² Dimensions 
1.92m² sheet 40mm 80kg 1600mm x 1200mm




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